The moment AJ was found by PolAir

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POLICE said PolAir noticed some movement in a creek bed and when they circled back around to check, found three year old Anthony ‘AJ’ Elfalak sitting in a puddle drinking water from the creek.

An SES search party was only 50 metres away and were guided to AJ’s position by PolAir.

When the SES volunteer put his hand on AJ’s shoulder the young boy climbed onto his knee and gave him a big smile and a hug.

“…he turned towards him with a massive smile on his face that he will not forget,” said the Simon Merrick, Chief Inspector of Hunter SES.

Gerry Pyke, from NSW Ambulance said AJ was in a remarkable condition.

AJ had some lacerations on his lower leg, his temperature was good, but he did have some nappy rash after three days. 

“He ate three slices of pizza and a banana,” said Mr Pyke.

“Then he slept the whole time in the back of the ambulance,” he said.

“He persevered, he had a will to survive,” said Gerry Pyke. 

AJ has been taken to Maitland Hospital for observation

Chief Inspector Tracy Chapman said she viewed the spot AJ was found from the air and said it was in “quite steep terrain,” but only 450 metres as the crow flies from the family property.

The Elfalak family still have questions including 4 hours of CCTV footage which is missing and how AJ came to be in the creek bed.

Chief Inspector Chapman said police would continue to investigate all possibilities for what had occurred during three days AJ was missing.


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