Become Top Of Mind

IN July had more than 92,000 page views, we have a great audience for a small town of 5,000 and we are pleased to share our page views with local advertisers.

Now more than ever it is important for local businesses to stay top of mind for existing and potential customers.

To gain more business, people not only need to know you are there or remember you, you need your business to pop into their mind first.

It is even more difficult for local businesses to do that, when online shopping is so prolific, but that’s where we can help.

Local people go online to read our news stories everyday, everyday your business can be seen and we can help get them clicking on your business, connecting to your phone number and showing them your business.

A study by Schmidt and Eissend in 2015 found that in a controlled setting, participants had to see an ad on average 10 times to develop a positive attitude to the brand and even more to remember it.

To be top of mind, your business needs to be seen frequently and we can help make that happen.

We have a range of different ways we can help your business reach our audience with display ads, advertorials and promotion on our Facebook page. We can set a goal for how many people you’d like to reach and design a strategy for you to be top of mind.

Contact to start becoming top of mind with our audience.



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