Historical People

People create townships and communities. Some of the people who created and contributed to the township and history of Scone include:

  • Hugh Cameron: 1775 – 1851
    A local farmer who put forward the name Scone.
  • Allan Cunningham: 1791 – 1839
    The first European explorer to travel through the Scone area.
  • Aubrey Dobson
    Aubrey was possibly the youngest soldier in the Boer War from Scone and also Scone’s first film maker.
  • Richard Kelly: 1800 – 1879
    The main street of Scone, Kelly Street, is named after Richard Kelly.
  • William Nowland: 1804 – 1884
    Discovered the pass over the Liverpool Range, still known as Nowland’s Gap.
  • Mark Twain: 1835 – 1910
    Visited Scone on December 19, 1895 as part of his world lecture tour.

….much more to come.

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