Letter: Aberdeen Street Proposal “I Am Disgusted”

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Attention:  The General Manager, Scone Shire Council.

Re:  Planning Proposal 1/2018

My husband and I would like to register an objection to this proposal.

Our house is in Aberdeen Street, directly opposite the proposed development.

Firstly, why is this proposal even being considered, that land is a FLOOD ZONE and Council has always imposed strict rules and regulations on what can and cannot be built on land surrounding this area.

If the area was built up to accommodate the Motel, two food outlets and Petrol Station, it would effectively turn Aberdeen Street into a “Moat” and channel water straight through our houses.

It is bad enough that Council had such little faith in the Bypass being able to effectively control the water flow that they had to extend the flood zone to Hill Street, if this proposal is allowed to go ahead the flood zone will need to be extended to Kelly Street because when we do get that flood… and we will, that is where the water is going to spread to.

We do not need another Petrol Station, Motel or Food Outlet in this town, the existing businesses are only just seeking out a living now that all the contractors from the Bypass have gone.

We have had two Petrol Stations leak fuel into pipes under houses and into soil we do not need the risk of a third one doing that especially in that location and so close to water courses. If ever one was needed it would be out in the industrial area North of Scone where it could be a 24hr Truck Stop, where trucks could pull up overnight with shower and food facilities.

I  have read the first part of this proposal and to say I am disgusted is an understatement, it states that according to their survey when a Bypass is put in around a town people won’t go into that town to stop for fuel or food but will continue on until they find something more convenient!

Well what does that tell you about the proposed applicants? They are out to well and truly sink our town, they don’t give a rat’s arse about the existing businesses in this town or any other shop keeper for that matter, their prime objective is to keep traffic out of town and directed into their premises… Modern day pirates…

It is about time common sense kicked in, Council is local, even considering this proposal you are not backing Motel, Restaurant, Food Outlet & Service Station Owners in your own town, nor are you looking out for the Rate Payers who will be directly affected by this sort of development, many of them elderly.

We are about to put our house on the market, if this proposal is approved it will drop the market value on our home dramatically and if that happens we will be seeking compensation.

If this proposal is allowed to progress to a DA, I can pretty much guarantee that the future of any Councillor who backed it will have a very short political career.

Time a lot of loyalty was shown towards the Business and Ratepayers of this town who support Council, a bit of goodwill at present would go a long way.


Karen MacDonald-Lewis


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