Letter: Business As Usual Not An Option

Filed in Opinions by September 23, 2019

Dear Editor,

We joined approximately 80,000 other climate change strikers in Sydney today to demand that our federal government starts taking climate action seriously.

‘Business as usual’ is no longer an option and yet still Scott Morrison’s government digs its toes in to stay in bed with the big fossil fuel companies.

The UN tells us we have less than 11 years to do something before tipping points are reached, but many scientists believe we have only two years.

An amazing feeling to be part of something so big and so passionate, but it breaks my heart that our children feel that school striking is now what they have to do to get their message across and that our children feel an education is actually pointless as they believe there’ll be no future for them unless governments do something, and very soon.


Sue Abbott

Sue Abbott is a ratepayer and resident of Scone, as well as a Councillor for the Upper Hunter Shire Council. This post is written from in her personal capacity and does not represent the views of organisations she is with or has bee affiliated with previously.



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