Who Do You Trust?

Filed in Just In by March 12, 2020

IN times of stress, uncertainty and anxiety we turn to people in our community we can trust.

Often we prefer to turn to people who will listen, rather than a health professional for formal treatment.

Scone is one of a few communities chosen by the Australian government to be part of a new “Trusted Advocate Network” to support local people through the ongoing drought and want to know who are ten people in our community we trust?

They may belong to a community group, be a retired farmer, coach a sporting team or run a local business, but they are people who we know well and are comfortable in talking to.

The government wants to support these natural support people in our community by training them in mental health first aid and connecting them to formal support networks and resources to help people in our community get all the support they need.

If you know of someone in our community that would be ideal for the new initiative please contact Cheyenne Moody cmoody@hneccphn.com.au or 0447 371 648.


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