VIDEO: Johnson’s real actions during the drought

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JODI McKay, the Leader of the Opposition held a media conference berating the behaviour of Michael Johnsen and calling him out on what he was really doing during a Parliamentary debate on water, while the town of Murrurundi was without water and 97 percent of the state was in the worst drought in a century.

“The town of Murrurundi had no water and there were reports at the time that Michael Johnsen wouldn’t return the calls of constituents, that he wasn’t ever in his electorate – well now we know what Michael Johnsen was up to and that’s not supporting the people who elected him,” said Ms McKay.

“This doesn’t get any worse…when you are in the Chamber during a water debate in a drought and you’re texting about how horny you are and your hard-on and then you go and masturbate and send the image to a sex worker…”

Watch the full video below.

“Ninety-seven percent of New South Wales is in the most severe drought in living memory, the town of Murrurundi has run out of water completely and is carting in water for that community ad what is the Member for Upper Hunter saying?

“Well he’s in the Chamber and he’s saying “I’m sitting in the Chamber with a hard on now.”

“Two days later during question time when we’re discussing regional health, regional transport, we’re discussing the budget of fire and rescue what is Michael Johnsen doing?

“He’s texting: “I’m in QT right now and f**** I’m horny and want you so bad, I want you and can’t wait to f*** you over and over again.”

“And then when question time is finished he takes himself into the nearest toilet, he masturbates, he films himself and he sends that message to a woman.

“Michael Johnsen, has to go, he has to resign today!” Jodi McKay demanded.


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