Rick Has Had a Gut Full

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A BUSH poet’s breakfast will be a new addition to the Scone Literary Festival this year.

Janie Jordan, president of the Festival said the spoken word is iconic in Australian story telling and they were excited to include more poetry in the Festival.

“The spoken word is very important, it is literary and some of Australian’s most famous literary works are bush poetry, like the iconic Man from Snowy River,” said Ms Jordan.

“We’ve had pop-up poetry throughout the Festival, but the bush poets breakfast featuring local poets with original works and some traditional favourites will be a great addition,” Janie Jordan said.

Poets will include Tim McLouglin, Sally Mitchell, Greg Scott, Tony Parry and Rick Wright.

Details of the breakfast are below.


By Rick Wright

I’ve nearly had a gut full; I’ve had it up to here,

Politics and parties are just about some smear,

The bear-pit or the sand-pit; kids are just the same,

But I wouldn’t like to think that our kids got such a name.

I watch our so-called leaders with horror and disgust,

Neither have my confidence and neither have my trust.


Now listen my amigos they’re running on their egos

Destroying our production, throwing farmers off their farms,

But in their concrete cabinets they just don’t see the harm,

Great gaping holes that once had coal, are scars forever more,

Busted broken dairy farms and families by the score,

And the social gap while they all nap has widened and got worse,

Without the facts they’re just some act; no wonder we all curse.

They regard our constitution like illegal prostitution,

So now it seems we need a Bill of Rights,

And as for reconciliation in our now divided Nation

It’s a dream that seems completely out of sight.

Now they’re taxing water as well as precious air,

The carbon tax, the levies, rates; none of this seems fair.


Every country village has now been raped and pillaged,

While they just play around in that house that’s underground,

And now the curse is even worse democracy is gone,

You can’t say this you can’t say that; free-speech is now not on.

We’ve got a brand-new leader after last week’s spill,

We must hope, and we must pray, he’s not another dill.


Basically, it seems to me they think it’s all a game,

Every single one of them should hold their heads in shame

Pass the parcel, Pin the tail, the donkey or the mule

In question time they just play darts, the stupid bloody fools.

I have read a recent letter which says they should get balls,

But I fear that such a letter has simply hit the wall,

For goodness sake, just contemplate the future of Australia,

Or remain the same with rightful shame and just a bloody failure.

Rick Wright


When: 8am – 9am, Sunday, November 11, 2018.
Where: The gardens of the Scone Arts and Crafts, Kingdon Street, Scone.
Cost: Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online: TryBooking – Scone Literary Festival.

Rick Wright has had a gut full and explains why in his poem.

Rick Wright has had a gut full and explains why in his poem.


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