Merriwa Merino Mural: An Unbaa-lievable Sight

Filed in Recent News by July 7, 2020
By Lavinia Hutchison
I’m not pulling the wool over your eyes nor am I fleecing you, but this is a photo I took of sheep in red socks, on a silo 🐑🌾

Red Sox might be synonymous with an American baseball team, but actual red woollen socks are what 200 sheep literally wear each year at the Merriwa Festival of the Fleeces.

Event highlight, ’Running of the Sheep,’ features 400 red socks on a big ol’ flock of sheep, literally running down the street – a truly unbaa-lievable sight!

What better way to pay homage to the baaa-loved town mascot than by joining the Australian Silo Art Trail movement, with a permanent reminder and mural of Merriwa’s famous sheep, gracing three 10 metre-round towering monolithic and majestic GrainCorp silos.

You really have to see it to baa-lieve it!

Established to celebrate agriculture and the history of Merino wool in the Merriwa community and Australia, the festival and fundraiser was cancelled last month, but will be baa-ck next year with a thirtieth anniversary celebration.

So, add 4-6 June 2021 to your diary right away, prepare to pack your baaa-g and visit the Upper Hunter.

…Enough of the baa-d puns from me, ewe’ve probably had enough.

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