Letter: Aberdeen Street Development Concerns

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Dear Editor,

In regards to the proposed major commercial development in Aberdeen St Scone, there doesn’t appear to be much discussion happening and I’m not sure if that’s because the residents of Scone aren’t aware of the development proposal that has been lodged with Council, or whether it isn’t a concern to them.

Submissions to council as to whether to modify the zoning of the proposed site to allow such a development to go ahead close this coming Monday 13th of July. Details of this proposal can be found on Councils web site or can be viewed by appointment at Council office.

The concerns of residents living close to this area are many and include issues such as greatly increased traffic flow, noise, increased lighting, and the suitability of the site for development of a petrol station, motel and fast food restaurant as it is a flood plain. We are also worried that it would take even more trade away from Kelly St businesses who are already feeling the strain.

I’m sure our concerns would be shared by many others if they take a close look at this proposal.



Stephen Jones, Aberdeen street resident.

The Aberdeen Street Proposal can be viewed here:

The Development Application can be viewed here:

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