Editorial: Soup Of The Day

Filed in Recent News by July 22, 2020

Imagine if someone walked into a restaurant where they already knew they didn’t like the food or the chef. Yet they walked in regularly to announced to everyone they didn’t like the food or the chef.

Often on their regular visits, they liked to take advantage of the free bar snacks and order a water, but as they would leave they would protest loudly that they would not pay for food on the menu and reiterate they didn’t like the restaurant or the chef. 

By all means we will continue to welcome people to pop by and we are happy to provide some complementary bread rolls, or some soup of the day, by keeping some of our posts open. Enjoy! And if you’d like to see the menu, we’d be pleased to provide one.

If diners have a concern about something you have been served, the owner, Elizabeth Flaherty 0414 552 474, will gladly make time for you.

But don’t be ungracious by regularly visiting, then loudly complaining about the soup of the day or the rest of the menu you refuse to pay for and disrupt our other diners. 

Like a restaurant, or any other business, we will show these people the door.

In other words: No Soup For You!

And for our lovely diners who contacted us yesterday about some rude guests we ejected from the restaurant, thank you for your kind words, we’ll get the desert menu for you.

Yours ever-sincerely,



Elizabeth Flaherty
Editor, scone.com.au 


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