Cassie Representing Australia in Taekwondo

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ON Wednesday, Cassie Fisher is flying to New Zealand to represent Australia in the International Special Needs Taekwondo Games.

Cassie is one of only six competitors representing Australia and she said she is glad she has such great instructors in Scone.

Proud moment: Tim Jopson with his star Taekwondo student Cassie Fisher.

“I’ve never been to New Zealand, so there is excitement for me,” said Ms Fisher.

“It’s really fun, I’ve got a green strip on my yellow belt and I love it, it is part of my life,” she said.

“Sam, Paul and Josh are great and they help me,” Cassie Fisher said. 

Jill Hamling, who runs Showstoppers Ability Services in Scone will be accompanying Cassie to New Zealand, said it is a wonderful achievement for Cassie and we are lucky to have such an inclusive martial arts school in Scone.

“Cassie has changed and gained more confidence in herself, she has a lot more emotional control

“Sometimes she doesn’t like being Down Syndrome, but she is accepting herself much more and she’s seeing she can achieve a lot more in the world,

“Paul Turri (Taekwondo instructor) has been wonderful and has started an online course to train people with special needs for martial arts,”

“Two of the girls go there and everyone is just so accepting of them,

“This is really what Showstoppers is all about and showing the community their abilities,” Jill Hamling said.

Cassie has also started her own fashion design business Cassie Fisher Designs and will be doing a fashion design course to develop her passion for fashion and the art, while she already has 200 likes, she would love more people following her fashion page.


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