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July 1, 2020
Pronouncing Names of the Upper Hunter: Say it Right!

HOW many times have you been asked if Scone is pronounced “like the thing you eat with jam and cream?”

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April 11, 2019
Mark Twain: 1835 – 1910

Mark Twain, author of The Adventures of Huckleburry Finn, credited as the father of American literature1 and the greatest humourist America has produced2 visited Scone on December 19,

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January 10, 2016
Scone Directory

The Scone Directory is purpose built for the local community, not a version of large directories that prioritise plumbers from Sydney or lump all of the Hunter into one basket.

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January 6, 2016
Wavelength Public Relations

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January 1, 2016
Emergency Contacts

In the case of an emergency please call 000 for police, fire or ambulance.

When on the line to 000 remember:

  • Stay calm – speak slowly and clearly;

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January 1, 2016
Town Map of 1836

This is the earliest surviving map of Scone; a plan from 1836. There had already been settlement in the area with the village of Redbank on the west banks of Kingdon Ponds,

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January 1, 2016
Streets of Scone

Scone is a country town which is fortunate to be growing. The earliest map found of the town is a planning map from 1836,

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January 1, 2016
Kingdon Ponds

Kingdon Ponds was the site of the earliest settlement in the Scone area, with the first pioneers gravitating to the water source.

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January 1, 2016
County of Brisbane

Scone is in the County of Brisbane, which was one of nineteen counties in New South Wales approved by Governor Darling for settlement on October 14,

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January 1, 2016
Jiu Jitsu Dynamix

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