Seasonal Tips

When camping in the Upper Hunter, it is always advisable to consider the season and potential weather hazards. The area is prone to extremely cold weather in Winter and high temperatures in Summer.


During Winter, temperatures can drop well below 0 degrees and there is snowfall at the Barrington Tops. Visitors making the trip up to the Barrington Tops National Park and State Forest need to be equipped with car chains and have a suitable vehicle for the journey. Many of the roads in the Barrington Tops are closed due to snowfall. Visitors should always check road closures with the Scone Visitor Information Centre or police.

Roads on the Liverpool Ranges also become hazardous during Winter and visitors are advised not to use the roads without a 4WD.


Temperatures across the Upper Hunter can climb over 40 degrees. Campers need to be well prepared with plenty of water. During Summer, there are often total fire bans in the area. Visitors need to check the status of camp sites by contacting the Upper Hunter Shire Council or the Scone Visitors Centre.

Autumn and Spring

Autumn and Spring are the perfect seasons for camping, however weather hazards, including flooding, are always possible.

The Barrington Tops can record low temperatures at any time of the year due to the high altitude. Visitors always need to be prepared with warm bedding and clothing.

There are many snake species around the Upper Hunter, including the venomous brown snake. During warmer months, snakes sightings are more frequent. Visitors need to be wary of snakes when camping and always have a first aid kit handy.

For information on road closures/fire bans in the Upper Hunter, contact the Scone Visitor Information Centre  on (02) 6545 1526 or visit

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