Contribute – Terms and Conditions

We encourage community contribution to Wavelength News sites. To foster a site which is informative, factual and ethical we have the following terms and conditions for contribution.

In the process of gathering news and information:

  • under no circumstances should you endanger, or put at risk, yourself or others;
  • do not hinder emergency authorities;
  • do not infringe any laws;
  • adhere to media ethics as outlined by the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, and
  • the Wavelength Group Pty Ltd (Wavelength) will not incur any liability in relation to the gathering of news and information for contribution.

When providing Wavelength with news materials, including but not limited to, photographs, audio recordings, video footage, information and interviews:

  • please provide your contact details so we can verify details of the materials;
  • please indicate if you would like to be credited for the contribution;
  • do not send any images or materials which have been digitally or manually manipulated.
  • do not breach any laws by providing us with the materials;
  • you warrant that you are the copyright holder and by contributing the materials to Wavelength you are transferring all rights relating to the materials to Wavelength, royalty free, to use in any way Wavelength sees fit, in any territory worldwide and to any third parties;
  • anonymity of source is not assumed and may only be agreed to by a director of the Wavelength Group, prior to materials or information being provided, and
  • Wavelength reserves the right to refuse credit, to determine what materials and information is used and to edit materials or information being provided.

Disclaimer: While Wavelength makes every attempt to validate contributions, we publish contributor’s content in good faith and users should view these materials in that light.

Other related information:

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