Editorial: Upper Hunter Fashion Police

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Becoming an Australian citizen anytime soon?

Better get your smart casual wear out, because the Upper Hunter Shire Council have passed a motion to enforce a dress code for Australia Day ceremonies.

No, you can’t get arrested for wearing thongs to the citizenship celebrations, but you may lose the right to become an official Aussie.

Taylah Fellows, journalist with scone.com.au questions vague attire rules. Photo: Amanda Ray Images.

The Federal Government requested Council to pass the ambiguous smart casual dress code, but scone.com.au wants to know how their readers define ‘smart casual’.

Australian citizenship should not mean dressing as a golfer and surely it won’t mean mandatory suits and ties during the height of summer?

Avoiding ripped jeans may be a smart casual move, but what about leather items or flannelette patterns?

In terms of accessories, will open toe shoes be acceptable and should one wear sandals over thongs?

People are still welcome to wear cultural, traditional or national attire, if they choose.

From what we can tell, smart casual is not exactly formal, not exactly cocktail and not exactly casual, so what is it?

Who will be the judge?

In other news, which Council member will enforce this dress code and how?

During the July Council Ordinary Meeting, Councillor Sue Abbott voted against the dress code and said she has never encountered anyone dressed inappropriately at the citizenship ceremony.

Cr Campbell said the dress code would mean showing respect for the serious nature of becoming an Australian citizen.

This led to Cr Abbott raising the all-important question,”who will judge if people are wearing appropriate clothes?”

Is there someone with enough fashion sense who can take on the almighty role of smart casual dress code enforcer?

Tell us what you think smart casual is and who should be the Upper Hunter fashion police in the comments below!

Taylah Fellows

Journalist, scone.com.au

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