Update: Local river levels

Filed in Just In by November 26, 2021

The road between Satur and Scone is closed, except for people returning home.

Kingdon Ponds reached a peak of 3.88metres at 3:10pm today and is now 3.79m and steady.

Other local river heights include:

  • Dartbrook at Yarrandi Bridge: 2.16m and rising;
  • Hunter River at Aberdeen: 7.02 and rising;
  • Hunter River at Belltrees: 2.28m and steady;
  • Kingdon Ponds at Parkville: 2.87m and rising;
  • Merriwa River at Vallances Creek: 2.77m and falling;
  • Middlebrook at Cressfield: 1.06m and steady;
  • Moonan Brook at Moonan Brook: 1.23m and rising;
  • Pages River at Gundy: 5.35m and rising;
  • Rouchel Brook at Rouchel Brook: 2.16m and falling;



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