Sinkhole Saga Continues

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THE ever growing Scone sinkhole returns!

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Pete Tullia is still waiting for a Geo Technical report to explain how to fix the sinkhole developing in his backyard and his patience is wearing thin.

He first noticed the sinkhole in December last year and notified NRMA of the problem, whilst continuing to conduct his own make-safes to protect his young sons and pet puppy from falling into the hole.

The sinkhole is now beginning to affect the structural foundations of his pool, with tiles falling down the hole beneath the pool surface area.

“The water comes down off Scone Mountain and it naturally comes this way because it falls to the west of town,” Pete said.

“When it rains the water goes through the cracks and because its getting away, the sand is washing out under the tiles, which is probably the natural flow of the water and the tiles are falling in as well, so I’m stuck with that,” he said.

Pete has his own theories of how the sinkhole came about.

 “It might be an old well, because its sort of half round when you look at it,” Pete said.

“Makes sense if there’s a stream up there somewhere, it would come maybe through here,” he said.

“The BP service station, they had a big problem there as everybody knows, maybe its all connected,” he said.

Pete said his only option is to wait for NRMA to deliver the Geotech report, but has now made a plan-B on how to fill the sinkhole, should insurance not cover the damage.

“The next step is going back to the insurance, try and find out why they’re so slow, or why they aren’t doing anything,” Pete said.

“There’s a Geotech report we’re waiting on from three weeks ago, still hasn’t arrived,” he said.

“We rang the insurance a fortnight ago, they said we’d have the Geotech report within seven days and we still haven’t got it, 14 days later,” he said.

“How this [pool foundation] is staying there, I don’t know…dirt just keeps on falling in the hole,” said Pete Tullia.

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