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SCONE is being represented proudly on the Facebook page Bin Isolation Outing which has more than 840,000 members and given people from around the world a much needed laugh during isolation.

Danielle Askew, from Harvey Bay in Queensland opened the page on March 28 to post a photo of her and her friend taking out the bins and she inadvertently sparked a world wide phenomenon.

Danielle Askew wearing her Elsa Frozen dress for the first bin outing.

“My friend put a post on her page to say ‘day six of isolation it’s bin night and I’m excited to go out’ and I dared her to get dressed up and we’d make a page just for us, to dress up and take our bins out and then it just went crazy,” said Danielle.

“I am amazed and I can’t believe that because of my joke, that all of these people are doing this,” she laughed.

“There are members from everywhere Texas, Holland, Switzerland, the Philippines, Hong Kong absolutely everywhere!

“I just feel humbled that the world is becoming united by laughing with each other and at each other,” she said.

When spoke with Danielle she said there were more than 19,000 posts pending and was grateful to her 17 moderators for helping her keep the page going.

Daryl Hunter, is fully prepared and safe for bin night.

“Thank you to my amazing team of moderators, they are angels, without them I could not do this,” said Danielle.

“I work full time as a kindergarten as well, so I’m getting up early and going to bed at midnight working on this, so without my moderators I would not be able to do this,” she said.

“We try and keep it rated PG, but you should see some of the things people have contributed that we haven’t posted, but they are very funny,” laughed Danielle.

To see the posts from Scone, simply type Scone into the search field on the page.

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