Proposed Phillip Street Rezoning

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A controversial proposal to rezone residential blocks in Phillip Street, Scone was knocked back at the October Council meeting following considerable public pressure.

The proposal to rezone sparked outrage among residents of Phillip Street who are concerned their land values will be impacted by between 10 to 30 percent and may have impacted their livability in the street. 

Initially, the proposal was to rezone blocks industrial, but in October the goal posts moved and rezoning to mixed business is now proposed. Read: Goal Posts Moved on Phillip Street Rezoning.

A representative of the proponent, Hamish Le Poer Trench, said by rezoning the land industrial it will be more in keeping with the area and the proposed business activities would not negatively impact his neighbours. (Please read: Setting the Record Straight.)

However, other industrial business owners said allowing the rezoning would not be fair play on the residents or other local businesses in town.

A Current Affair filmed a story on the potential rezoning, which aired on Friday, August 2. To watch the story follow this link Progress Over People and follow the prompts to download the NineNow app.

Burton’s, the developers of Scone Business Park which have invested $6million into the town to create industrial blocks and an employment zone, have said if Council approved the rezoning of residential land in Phillip Street it would set a precedence for other land owners and devalue their own investment. They said they were prepared to take the Council to the land and environment court.

While Council initially stated, in their proposal to rezone the land, that the land was undesirable for residential use, the previous owners wanted to build homes on the blocks but say they were frustrated by a range of hurdles involving Council and one of the four vacant blocks in Phillip Street was purchased in September for residential use.

The Council’s development and environment committee met on October 8 and passed a motion to recommend the rezoning be rejected and to refer the matter back to the Minister for Planning. The recommendation will be put to the vote at the general Council meeting to be held on October 28. 

Despite the recommendation from the Council’s own development and environment committee, Council staff recommended the rezoning be approved, however the Councillors unanimously voted against the rezoning.

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