Numbers Lowering, Concerns Still High

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THE number of new cases in New South Wales continues to decline, with only seven new cases in the last 24 hours, but the Premier cautioned testing was down during Easter and her most significant concern remains the community to community transmission.

“Everyday people say to me every morning you must be pleased with the number of case going down, but the issue is the community to community transmission to people who unintentionally pass it on because they don’t know they have the disease,” said Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

“It concerns us that there are still a significant number of cases in New South Wales where we don’t know how someone got the disease and that’s the area of concern and until we get that under control we can’t really look at easing restrictions,” she said.

“There could be some of us today walking around have have the disease and not know it and that’s why it’s so important to maintain the social distancing.

“It’s so important to assume that everyone you are coming into contact with has the disease and it’s important to assume that you might have it yourself because there are a small proportion of people in this state who do have the disease and don’t know it and that’s why social distancing is so important,” she said.

“Although I will say that the health officials and the New South Wales government are talking on a daily basis on what term two of school might look like and what other things may look like into the future but we are definitely on the right track, I want to thank everybody for their cooperation.

“If you look at other countries in the world and you looked at their numbers where New South Wales was a few weeks ago and where their numbers are now and where they’ve gone compared to where we’ve gone I think we should all feel satisfied that we’ve contained the thread to the extent we have,” said the Premier.

The Premier also announced people being tested would be able to receive their results via text, the same day and plans were being rolled out to have new point of care tests in regional areas to avoid major delays with samples getting to laboratories. 

Health Update

  • 2,870 cases in New South Wales
  • 7 new cases in the last 24 hours
  • 26 deaths
  • 225 people being treated
  • 32 people in intensive care
  • 19 people being ventilated
  • Testing will be expanded in areas where cases are occurring without known source including: Penrith, the Inner West, Randwick, Liverpool, Waverley, Woollahra, Blacktown, Cumberland, Westmead, Ryde, Manning and Lake Macquarie.

Police Update

  • 55 tickets were issued for failure to self-isolate overnight.
  • There were high levels of compliance up and down coastal areas during Easter.
  • There has been an increase in alcohol sales including home delivery, but no increase in alcohol related crime.
  • Slight increase in reports of family and domestic violence, however it is down compared to this time last year.
  • The Commissioner said his advice to the NRL was while they were not closed in terms of doing business, they need to overcome health and safety issues. He highlighted how horse racing was able to do so, but football must also adhere to health and safety practices.

Ruby Princess

  • A male crew member was taken off the ship for treatment for appendicitis.
  • Hundreds of calls have been received by CrimeStoppers and police are in the process of following up each phone call.
  • The Commissioner anticipates the criminal investigation will take six months.

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