Peace of Mind for Aged Care

Filed in Recent News by December 7, 2017

IT can be daunting navigating the labyrinth of aged care when finding a loved one the support they need.

Rosemary Melmeth from Scone attended an information session at Strathearn yesterday to help her prepare for her own twilight years.

“I need to be prepared, my husband died seven years ago so I solve my problems myself and it is good to have things in place,” said Ms Melmeth.

“This helps me prepare mentally, you just don’t know about the future and it would be hard to go to hospital one day and not go back to your home,” she said.

“It is very reassuring to have someone looking after you and to live somewhere where you are used to living,” she said.

“When people see the amount they think ‘how can I come up with that’, it was worrying me but it is good to have explained how we can afford it,” she said.

“This is very comfortable and cosy and not like a hospital, I could find a nice cosy corner and read a book, it just gives me peace of mind,” Rosemary Melmeth said.

HammondCare held the information sessions yesterday to help people in the local community understand how the aged care system works and explain how everyone, on any budget, can get access to the care they need.

People are encouraged to contact the local admissions coordinator to discuss their individual needs:  02 6545 1255.

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