New local measures to keep customers safe

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THE Scone RSL have introduced new rules to protect patrons and as of today, will only admit people who can prove they live locally.

Mick Hollingsworth, chief executive officer of the Scone RSL said people will need to present a hard copy of their driver’s licence and their Club membership card to ensure people are not visiting from a lock down area.

“Since the change in the extension of the lock down period, the Scone RSL is going to limit entrance to the Club to members only and those members who do not reside in a lock down area and aren’t under a stay at home order,” Mick Hollingsworth.

“The main reason why we’ve made the change to our entry requirements, our demographic is an older age group…we’re just looking to provide as safe an environment as we can,” he said.

“We’re trying to remove any loop holes for people to get into the Club, be it through people changing their address on their digital licence and things, so when you come into the club you’ll need your physical ID and your membership card and both will be checked against each other.

“If you’re sitting at home and you don’t have a membership card and a licence with the same address, give me a call.

“If you’ve got a certain case that you can explain to me and I can be confident that what you are saying is the truth, or some people may have a different address on one of their IDs, each individual case can be examined on it’s own,” he said.

Brett Hejduk and Scone RSL staff will only be serving locals to help protect the community.

“But don’t come in to explain it at 7pm on a busy night to one of the staff, to avoid embarrassment give me a call me during the week and I can take a look at things,” Mick Hollingsworth said.

In terms of workers from out of area coming into the Club, Mr Holingsworth said they will be able to get a takeaway, but will not be allowed to stay in the Club.

“Their licence is going to show that they reside in a lock down area and they will be able to order a takeaway meal, wait outside and then pick it up when it’s ready, but they have to be in and out, they can’t hang around the Club and eat their meal or have a drink,” explained Mick Hollingsworth. 

The hospitality industry is taking steps to have a “green pass for hospitality”, which means if venues have staff who are vaccinated and only accept patrons who are vaccinated, they should be able to be open during the pandemic. 

Mick Hollingsworth said he thought it was a good step to protecting staff and customers and would be supportive of the initiative.

“It’s a great idea, where we’re at at the moment, vaccinations is the only way out,” he said.

“There’s got to be some sort of reward for getting a vaccination and we’ve got to protect our older customers and the community,” Mick Hollingsworth said.



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