Flu Shots Even More Important This Year

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HAVING the influenza vaccine this year is more important than ever to protect the community and take the pressure off the local health system, explained Dr Richard Abbott from Scone Medical Practice.

“The vaccine prevents you from getting the main strains of flu for the flu season,” said Dr Abbott.

“As people are now well aware, the flu can have adverse effects, lead to pneumonia and people with chronic illness and the elderly are especially vulnerable,” he said.

“It’s very important to vaccinate this year to try and decrease the adverse outcomes of the flu, especially during this Covid-19 crisis.

To help track the flu in our community click here: Flutracker.

“It’s possible people could contract a normal strain of flu and Covid-19 which would be a double whammy for them personally, but also for the health system,” he said.

“If more people are vaccinated and less have the flu we are better able to manage cases of Covid-19 in the local health system,” Dr Richard Abbott said.

Louise Moir and her eight year old son Charlie recently got the vaccine, something they do each year.

Charlie Moir taking the flu shot in his stride.

“In previous years we’ve travelled to the UK and always got a flu vaccine then,” said Ms Moir.

“And because of the coronavirus this year a we’ve carried on doing it,” she said.

“If it’s there and it’s going to help, especially with the coronavirus also around, at the end of the day it’s a good precaution to take.

“It’s there, it’s available and the bottom line is I don’t want to get sick and be flat on the floor with a virus,” she said. 

“It gives us peace of mind, it’s there and the coronavirus has proven things can come out of nowhere,” said Louise Moir.

Ben Butters, managing partner at Scone Discount Pharmacy said more people are requesting the vaccine this year.

“People are being really proactive about it, I think more people are aware of viruses, they’ve seen the impact and if there is a way to avoid the flu people want to do it,” said Mr Butters.

“We saw a noticeable increase by the first of April and there is a long list of people who want the vaccine now,” he said.

“There are new restrictions coming into place on May 1 for aged care facilities, where people have to be vaccinated to go on site, so we have a huge number to get through, but we are gradually getting through the list,” said Ben Butters. 

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