Covid restriction questions answered by David Layzell MP

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David Layzell, Member for Upper Hunter took the time to go through questions from local residents. Please see some of the common questions being asked in the community and the answers from government for our area:

I’ve heard a work site in Muswellbrook LGA have sent people home because of a contact, is there a confirmed case there?

Some workplaces are going the extra mile and implementing preventative measures to further reduce risk. IF there is a confirmed case at a workplace, NSW Health will contact all close contacts and list the site on their list of venues as a close or casual contact site.

If you have been to an area which is in a 7 day lockdown, do you have to adhere to stay at home orders for 7 days or 14 days?

This has just changed: Last week if you went to an LGA which is under a 7 day lock down, you need to adhere to stay at home orders for 7 days. BUT since it has been confirmed that the lockdown of that area will extend for another 7 days, so to will the stay at home orders of anyone who has been to that LGA. So the period has been extended from 7 days to 14 days. This means 14 days in total under stay at home orders, since you left the affected LGA.

If the lock down status of the LGA is lifted what does that mean for people under stay at home orders who have visited the LGA?

If an LGA is brought out of lockdown, the people who have visited and are under stay at home orders – their stay at home orders are lifted at the same time the lockdown is.

What is the difference between a close contact and a casual contact?

If you are contacted by NSW Health as a “close” contact, you must isolate immediately, get tested and isolate for the full 14 days. If you are classified as a “casual” contact you must isolate immediately and not leave your home until you have a negative test.   

What is the difference between stay at home orders and being a casual or close contact?

Yes. Under stay at home orders, which is designed to reduce the movement of people, you must stay at home, but can leave your home for essential activities such as school and work (if you can’t do that from home), medical appointments and shopping for groceries. If you are a close or casual contact you MUST NOT leave your home or come into contact with other people. NSW Health provide specific, detailed advice for the members of a household of a close or casual contact, which should be followed.

I’ve heard some people going online to change the address on their licence, from an address in a lock down area, to one which isn’t in a lock down, is this allowed? And what do I do if I suspect someone has done this?

It is an offence and police are clamping down on people trying to flout the covid restrictions. The following is from Service NSW: It is an offence to provide false or misleading information to a public authority. This includes false or misleading information about your residential address. Criminal prosecution may apply if you do so, and your licence may also be suspended or cancelled. Transport for NSW and NSW Police are monitoring change of address transactions to ensure that all requested changes are genuine and that false and misleading attempts to change residential addresses are not being made to avoid the requirements of public health orders.

If you suspect someone has falsified their address to breach public health orders, you should report it to local police: 02 6542 6999 or Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000.

If you are a worker from an affected area and you have a negative covid test and permission to be working in the area, can you go to cafes and restaurants to eat?

No. If you are from an affected area and have permission to work here, you MUST adhere to stay at home orders and return to your accommodation after work. You may pick up takeaway, or get groceries, but you may NOT go to a local restaurant, club, café, pub or any social venue.

If you have more questions, please email:

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