Changes at Woolworths – Starting Tomorrow

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FROM tomorrow only 100 customers will be allowed into the supermarket at any one time, to ensure the staff and customers can observe social distancing and reduce the risk of infection for everyone. 

See below for opening times during Easter.

While the local supermarket is often where we bump into people we have been meaning to catch up with, idling in the aisles is no longer ok. Phone them, connect on social media, stand in their front garden or take the conversation to the car park if you need. 

I’ve long joked about my trips to the supermarket being more like an SAS operation than a social outing and with the new arrangements a more targeted approach to shopping will be needed.

Only one set of doors will be opened to regulate the number of customers in the store and people waiting outside will need to observe 1.5 metres from each other.

The mark of a courteous shopper during the time of coronavirus, are the people who are conscious of others in their community waiting outside.

Some tips on navigating the new shopping terrain:

  • Plan: Make a shopping list, which clearly identifies your targets. List them by category to avoid doubling back on your tracks. 
  • Timing is crucial: The peak period for shopping is when people finish work. If you can shop during the day, please do so. It will mean you spend less time waiting in line and people who work during the day will spend less time in line during the peak period. 
  • Travel light: Do not take children with you. Why anyone would willing do that is beyond me, arguably it’s a form of torture. First, they will only slow you down. Secondly, it will make the natives still standing in line at border control angry because they will have to wait longer. Designate one shopper per household.
  • Passing the boarder: While standing in line “be beige”. Do not bring yourself to the attention of authorities by breaching the 1.5 metre rule or by behaving in an unruly manner. Be polite and unremarkable. 
  • Move directly to the targets: It’s time to execute your plan as efficiently as possible. You have a plan stick to it and acquire each target as efficiently as possible.
  • Keep it moving: Now is not the time to meander about or ponder in produce if you should acquire the broccoli or broccolini. Keep yourself moving, to keep the line outside moving.
  • Seize opportunity: If something on sale catches your eye but was not on your list, by all means add it to your haul, but keep it moving. No dithering, people are waiting.
  • Green marks the spot: Woolworths have put green stickers on the floor to ensure customers are keeping their distance from staff. It is critical for our supermarket staff to remain well and keep our groceries well stocked.
  • Call for back-up: If you are unable to go to the supermarket yourself, there are guns for hire in our local community. In fact, they are so willing to help they will do it for free. The Scone Neighbourhood Resource Centre has a small army of volunteers who can deliver your shopping to your door if you are in lock down. Please phone them if you need back-up: 02 6545 2526.

Woolworths Opening Hours During Easter:

Normal trading hours for Woolworths are 7am until 9pm and over Easter the opening times are as follows:

  • Friday: 11am – 5pm;
  • Saturday: 7am – 9pm;
  • Sunday: 9am – 6pm – please availability of some items will be light due to deliveries. The bakery and seafood counter will not be open. 
  • Monday: 8am – 8pm.

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