Cassilis Campdraft winners

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COWBOYS and cowgirls dusted off their riding boots and flocked to the Cassilis campdraft arena last weekend, to compete in the towns first campdraft event in three years.

See photo gallery below.

On Friday, competition kicked off with the Bruce Collins Memorial Open Campdraft, judged by Mr Darren Shorten.  Jack Lawerence came away with the win on Royal Chic.

Andrew Caddis won the Royal Cassilis Hotel Encouragement Campdraft on Chase and after a tight run off for first place it was Chloe Atfield on Cut N Duck who won the Clear Springs Fencing event.

Kicking off at day light on Saturday, the Novice A judged by Mr Brent Trotter was won by Wade Miles on Serena, followed by the Novice B Wiltara Farms draft which was won by Micheal Andrews on Baretta.

The Junior draft saw Savanna Carruthers take first place on Banjo, before Ally Taylor stole the show in the Juvenile draft, taking equal first and second place. 

Fi Palme and Idaho won the Ladies draft and in the Maiden events,  John Rumble won the Maiden A on Suzanna and Dave Andrews came first place in the Maiden B on Playgirl.

Courtney Palmer, Cassilis Campdraft Treasurer thanked everyone who supported the Cassilis campdraft community over the weekend.

“We couldn’t have done it without the help of cattle donors, sponsors, ground crew, the list goes on,” Ms Palmer said.

“A special thanks goes to Wallings Pastoral Co and Betrola Investments who kept out livestock well feed over the weekend also to Tom Carrigan for safely carting our precious cargo back and forth over the weekend,” she said.

“It was so good to be back campdrafting at Cassilis and we hope to see you all next year,” she said.

Campdraft results

Bruce Collins Memorial Open Campdraft, judged by Mr Darren Shorten. 

  • 1st Jack Lawerence – Royal Chic;
  • 2nd Hamish Palmer – Tassas Covergirl;
  • Equal 3rd, 4th and 5th – Emma Burges – Ringer, Hayley Farley – Declaire and Darren Guy – Asar Affair.

Royal Cassilis Hotel Encouragement Campdraft judged by Mr Jamie Edmonds.

  • 1st Andrew Caddis – Chase;
  • 2nd Cherie Farley – Rhianna;
  • 3rd Teal Ayres – Banjo;
  • Brett Cochrane – Playin Who;
  • Tom Donnelly – Cee Dee Ovation;
  • Jess Flower – Fortune and Fame;
  • Jack Hanckel – Banjo;
  • Oscar Metcalf – Boots;
  • Brandon Parkinson – Rosebrook Velocity;
  • Tim Richardson – Surprise.

Clear Springs Fencing O4O judged by Mr Wade Miles.

  • 1st Chloe Atfield – Cut N Duck;
  • 2nd Kerrie Mitchell – Calico;
  • 3rd Dave Andrews – Centerfold;
  • 4th Fiona Palmer – Idaho;

Novice A judged by Mr Brent Trotter. 

  • 1st Wade Miles – Serena;
  • 2nd Jack Lawrence – Bobby’s Girl;
  • 3rd Maurice Bogie – Magic;
  • Equal 4th April Docherty – Venus and Dean Winn – Mr. Brown.

Novice B Wiltara Farms draft, judged by Mr Joel Duff.

  • 1st Micheal Andrews – Baretta;
  • 2nd John Rumbel – Rhyme;
  • 3rd Ian Sansom – Cass;
  • Equal 4th Matt Moore – Madeline and Tracey O Donell – Mac.

The Junior draft judged by Mr Brent Trotter.

  • 1st Savanna Carruthers – Banjo;
  • 2nd Regan Banks – Drifter;
  • 3rd Emity Croft – Creed;
  • 4th Caitlin Guy – Sparkles;
  • Equal 5th Hannah Clarke – Fable and Emity Croft – Maverick.

Juvenile draft, judged by Mr Matt Moore.

  • Equal 1st and 2nd Ally Taylor – Fancy N Who;
  • 2nd Ally Taylor – Peda;
  • 3rd Chloe Guy – Jackaroo;
  • 4th Gracie Lawerence – Jade;
  • 5th Travis Sansom – Diva.

Sutton’s Livestock Ladies draft, judged by Mr Brent Trotter.

  • 1st Fi Palme – Idaho;
  • 2nd Kristy Andrews – Centerfold;
  • 3rd Georgia Moore- Bugzy;
  • Equal 4th Chloe Atfield – Cut N Duck, Teal Ayres – Banjo, Julie Duff – GI Mita’s Touch and Joss Faulkner – Surprise.

Coolah Vet Clinic Maiden A Draft, judged by Mr Dave Andrews.

  • 1st John Rumble – Suzanna;
  • 2nd Matt Stanley – DJ;
  • Equal 3rd Shane Palmer -Red;
  • 4th Neil Bailey – Beau Peep;
  • Equal 5th Jaiden Atfield – Ladies Man, Rose Nairne – Lucy and Jack Mobberley – I’ma redder Rooster.

Komatsu Australia Maiden B draft, judged by Mr Peter Garlick.

  • 1st Dave Andrews – Playgirl;
  • 2nd Rod Moore – Leathal;
  • Equal 3rd Neil Bailey – Nelson, Sue Duggan – Marsha, Gerald O’Brien – Debette and Andrew Rumble – Rhythm.

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