Aussies Vote for Koala Saving Project

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AUSSIE Ark has promised to plant 1,000 trees to create Australia’s largest wild disease-free koala population, after the public voted on it as their next major project.

The ‘Conservation from the Couch’ campaign launched in April, allowing Aussies to be directly involved in Aussie Ark initiatives by voting on five projects.

The project will see reforestation, habitat protection, and fire and weed control, in an effort to save the remaining Koala population of NSW. Photo by Aussie Ark.

After tens of thousands of votes, the Koala project came out on top, with Aussie Ark vowing to deliver their promise as soon as possible.

Tim Faulkner President of Aussie Ark said the vote results did not surprise them. 

“The Koala is such an iconic animal and holds a special place in the hearts of so many people around the world,” Mr Faulkner said.

“This win certainly demonstrates the case of iconic species benefiting from their popularity,” he said.

The Conservation from the Couch campaign was so successful, Aussie Ark was able to secure enough funds to facilitate an additional project, the Save Our Turtles project.

Aussie Ark said no species will be left behind and the other four projects will be delivered over the next few years.

“This campaign was so special for Aussie Ark as we got to know our supporters’ interests more in depth,” said Mr Faulkner.

In partnership with Sydney University, Aussie Ark aims to establish the world’s first disease-free Koala population through genetics mapping. Photo by Aussie Ark.

“I cannot thank you enough for your constant engagement and support towards our conservation efforts and we promise to deliver all five projects in the coming years,” he said. 

Future projects include the construction of a breeding facility for Hunter River turtles, Spotted-tailed quolls and Broad-toothed rats and translocation of native animals into the wild.

Aussie Ark have already started on the Spotted-tail quoll the Broad-tooth rat projects, with plans to re-wild the Barrington region.

To contribute to the Aussie Ark initiatives, you can donate at

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