2NM Interview: Why won’t Council record all meetings?

Filed in Recent News by March 7, 2023

Darren Cutrupi had more questions for me following his interview with the Mayor, which I was happy to answer. I no longer attend briefings before the Council meetings, because like Cr Abbott I found unrecorded meetings unsafe. I will also be walking out of any future Closed Council meetings which are not recorded. I have no problem with everything I do and say in any meeting of Council being recorded…not sure why others do. Sunlight is the best disinfectant!

I also explain why I sent my application for Zoom to a Director and not the General Manager. The law supports my actions, even if the Mayor does not. Moreover, Upper Hunter Shire Council is not above Australian workplace laws. Council can put anything it likes into it’s own Meeting Code of Practice, but it can never override the law. And Council’s can run aground when their meeting code of practice conflicts with the law.

Listen to the full interview here:

All of the above are my perspectives, opinions and beliefs as a Councillor on the Upper Hunter Shire Council, are my own, which may not (in fact probably don’t) reflect Council’s position, but which as an elected representative I am supported in law to freely express.

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